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Infrared Photography July Update

publishedover 1 year ago
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590nm infrared image with 5-stop and 10-stop Kolari ND filters, 30-second exposure
590nm infrared image with 5-stop and 10-stop Kolari ND filters, 30-second exposure

Upcoming Live Stream

My next Live Stream is scheduled for Sunday, July 18th at 1pm EDT (UTC -4). I’ll be answering your questions about Infrared Photography live. If you have questions, join the stream or send them in advance. If your question involved an image, send it to me in advance.

Recent Videos

How to Edit Infrared Photos with Photoshop
How to edit color infrared images with Adobe Photoshop for shots taken with a 590nm to 720nm filter on a converted camera or with a 720nm filter on an unconverted camera.

REVISED Photoshop Actions for Color Infrared
Download free Color Infrared Photoshop Actions v2

Free Infrared Profile Pack
Free infrared Lightroom and Photoshop profiles for a variety of cameras. Send me a raw or DNG file from your camera, so that I can increase the number of cameras supported.

Deep Infrared Shooting & Editing with Your Unconverted Camera using Photoshop and Camera Raw
You can create Deep Infrared images with your existing, unconverted camera. Deep infrared images are shot with a 750nm or greater filter, typically greater than 800nm. This covers the equipment you'll need, settings for shooting, and editing in Photoshop and Camera Raw. Shooting deep infrared with an unconverted camera is ideal for those seeking very long exposures in broad daylight.

Infrared on iPhone or Any Mobile Phone
How to shoot and edit infrared images on your iPhone or any mobile phone with Lightroom Mobile.

Kolari ND Filters in Infrared Photography
Using Neutral Density (ND) filters within infrared photography, including a look at the Kolari IRND filters and use cases for ND in IR.

Color Space in Lightroom and Photoshop
Which color space should you use? What is color space and how can it impact the colors of your image? How to use the correct color space in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Used Infrared Gear from KEH

I've purchased a number of infrared filters and lenses from KEH. Here is a selection of currently available used infrared gear.

Upcoming Videos and Projects

Here are some of the ideas that I'm batting around for future videos. These may or may not happen. They could come in any order. This is just a glimpse into a potential future. Your mileage may vary. Subject to change. Feel free to send your feedback on these or other ideas you'd like to see covered.

  • 12 ways to color swap color infrared or a deep dive into the Channel Mixer
  • Color fringing and how to avoid it
  • darktable update, where did the Channel Mixer go? Changes in v3.6
  • White Foliage and Traditional Infrared
  • Review of Hoya RM90 900nm filter
  • Review of IRChrome filter
  • Shooting Full Spectrum images
  • Shooting UV
  • Testing a variety of vintage lenses in Infrared
  • Shooting Infrared with the “Worst Lens Ever”

LifePixel Infrared Camera Conversions - I’ve had multiple cameras converted by LifePixel.

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Infrared Profile Pack for Lightroom and Photoshop